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So, this is the website for Devin Upham (ACTRA Member); actor, sideshow performer, fire walker, stage fighter, improvisor and sketch comedian. Enjoy your tour.

Represented by Blackburn Talent (Marie Eve Blackburn)
514-814-8796.   Blackburn Talent.

looking to see some clips of me in action?

Here's my Acting Reel.

A variety of clips of me doing different accents in my Accent Reel

For a taste of the bizarre, my Sideshow Reel.

For more of me, here I am on IMDb.

Check me out in the web-series  #DevinAuditions. Check out all 7 Episodes!

Here's some videos that you can see me in:

Winning performance of Sideshow stunts on YTV's Zoink'd

Like getting Scared? Here's me as the lead Paranormal Witness: The Exorcist

Leeroy Jenkins for the Worldwide Short Film Festival.

Charlie Bit My Finger: The Musical for the Worldwide Short Film Festival the year before (not me singing, btw).

Me as Alfred Pennyworth in the breakout hit:Batman: False Start.

Some old-timey sideshow with Chocolate Mousetrap for MTV’s 30 Seconds: Go!.

Face morphing sci-fi action in:  Peace Enforcers for the ViewPoint Challenge.

Some voice acting in a motion-comic:Filled In.

Recently ON STAGE!

Alex in Wonderland (Mad Hatter and The Caterpillar)
Solar Stage Children's Theatre

Mooney on Theatre: "My little friend liked the Caterpillar (Devin Upham) best"

Hamlet Live (Rosencrantz)
Malfi Productions

BlogTO: "The puppets and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are this production's MVPs (played by Kevin Robinson, Devin Upham and Phil Borg, respectively)."

Mooney on Theatre: "The cast of Hamlet Live did an excellent job of retelling this well-known story. They made it very understandable so that anyone could enjoy it"

John/Yoko Bed Piece (Al Capp)
Draft89 "Perhaps the best of all, though, is Devin Upham as the defiantly conservative and hopelessly out of touch cartoonist Al Capp. It’s a shame we only get to see him for one, albeit memorable, scene."

NOW Toronto: "Promising characters like (...) Al Capp (Devin Upham), a conservative critic/cartoonist, would be way more effective if they appeared more than once."

Mooney on Theatre: "impressive performances come from Devin Upham as the “dreadful Neanderthal fascist” cartoonist Al Capp (his words)"

Everyone wants to see more of me.